How to Decorate with Stencils

Stencil with Frosting


  1. After cookies have cooled, place stencil centered on top of it.

  2. With an offset spatula, spread the frosting over the stencil.

  3. Scrape the excess frosting off of the stencil.

  4. Carefully lift the stencil off the cookie.

Stencil with Edible Dust on Fondant


  1. Roll fondant out evenly and thinly with a rolling pin.

  2. Place stencil on fondant and gently use rolling pin
    to press in SLIGHTLY.

  3. Using a dusting brush, pat open areas of stencil
    with edible dust.

  4. Carefully peel the stencil off the fondant and cut fondant with a round cutter.

Stencil with Cocoa or Powdered Sugar


  1. Place stencil on cookie and lay a spoon on the opposite edge to weight the stencil down onto the cookie.

  2. Sift cocoa powder or powdered sugar over the stencil evenly until covered.

  3. Carefully lift the stencil straight up off of the cookie.

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