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Why Use a Cooling Rack?

So what exactly is the point of using a cooling rack and is it REALLY necessary?Find out the top 5 reasons on why you should be using one!STOP BURNING YOUR BOTTOMLeaving cookies in the pan can cause residual heat to continue to bake them, and could leave them dry, brittle and overdone. A cooling rack can prevent overbaking, so your cookies, pastries and breads come out great! NOBODY LIKES SOGGYRemoving baked goods from the pan to cool down on wire racks, prevents condensation from the steam released off of hot food, so you can say good-bye to mushy baked goods.DECORATE LIKE A PRO!Let the frosting, sprinkles and powdered sugar dress your cookies, not your serving plate.LESSEN BREAKAGEA tight grid is...

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How to Dry Herbs from Your Garden

If your garden is overflowing with more fresh herbs than you can eat, here's a simple hack to dry them by harnessing the power of the sun!  1) Wait for a sunny warm day to harvest your fresh herbs.2) After washing them, space the herbs out on a crosswire grid cooling rack.3) Set outside in the morning for the day until they are dry and crumbly.4) Give them a quick whirl in a food processor and store in jars.5) Don't forget to label them!Now you can enjoy the bounty of your garden ANY time of the year!

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