Make Magic with Play Dough 🎨

Sometimes, we all just need a day to play!  No matter your age or artistic ability, when kids young and old create fantastical art with colorful dough, play time becomes a silly, relaxing, and joyful experience. After the year we’ve all just endured, one might even say that creating something whimsical just for fun is, in fact, therapeutic in the very best way. Go for it!

Today, we challenge you to let your inner artist shine. Copy a famous painting or become the master of your own imaginary universe. Clear a smooth work surface then gather your artist’s tools: our French Rolling Pin, Round Cookie and Biscuit Cutter Set, and the Mini Shapes Cutter Set.

Whether you make New Year’s resolutions or if you simply hope the world will be brighter this year, consider this. The simplest things in life, like baking a beautiful cake, reviving a long-forgotten recipe, or creating a new dish in your kitchen, can bring the greatest joy.

Shaping and cutting dough, whether that dough be for a special pastry or one made just for play, can be one of life’s sweet and satisfying rewards. 

So roll out the play dough, cut out your colorful creations, and show us your masterpieces on Instagram @UltraCuisine and Facebook.  Discover the joy and have fun!

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