Brownie Stack – A Baker’s Trick for You!

Brownie Pan


This tip is super simple, takes only a minute, and always impresses guests to your table. Our round cutters put the perfect tools for making your desserts shine right in the palm of your hand. Be creative and make every Brownie Stack a bit different.


Gather your tools:

Round biscuit cutter set


Gather your ingredients:

Baked Brownies

Jam or preserves, as desired

Chocolate sauce or ganache, as desired

Confectioner’s sugar, as desired

Sugared berries, as desired

Crushed candy, as desired

Whipped cream or icing, as desired


Get ready to prepare:

  1. Begin with a pan of prepared, cooled brownies.
  2. Using Ultra Cuisine Round Cutters, cut rounds of varying sizes in the brownies.
  3. Create stacks of concentric circles to design impressive, mini tiered cakes for your guests.
  4. An optional touch is to fill between layers with chocolate ganache, fresh sugared berries, jam, or your favorite filling. Top with a dollop of whipped cream and crushed candy or fresh berries. Be creative!
  5. Get ready for your guests to say WOW!


Baker’s Bits: This dessert is perfect when you are short on time but need to make a WOW statement at the dessert table. Use our professional grade round cutters to experiment with different plating designs for each guest. How about a ring of mini brownies, each topped with one perfect berry? Design a four-tiered brownie birthday cake layered with icing and topped by a pretty candle. Craft an abstract or geometric plate presentation and let your inner artist shine with sauce application.

This neat baker’s tip isn’t just for dessert. Flip the switch on hors d’oeuvres and use our cutters on savory focaccia bread, top each round with a dollop of creamy cheese and a slice of tomato. Add a sprig of your favorite herb and you’ve just created a fabulous party tray. There are hundreds of ways to use our round cutters. 

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